Takahiro Arai

Takahiro was born in Japan. He started to play western drums from the age of 16. After leaving high school he joined Music College for 2years to study jazz music & theory. Besides working he has created music for this band for 5years. He was interested not only in drums but also in percussions and encountered "santoor" in Japan at the age of 26.

He then met Japanese santoor player, Mr.Setsuo Miyashita who is also a senior disciple of santoor maestro Pt.Shivkmar Sharma. His initial santoor training was under Mr.Setsuo Miyashita in Japan for a few years. From May 2007 he has been living in India for learning "santoor" from Pt.Shivkumar Sharma and accompanying him at all his concert in India. Apart from this he is also learning Tabla..