Arun Kumar Mishra

Pt. Arun Kumar Mishra (Mullick) was born in a family of court musicians of the Bettiah Darbar. A leading artiste of the Bettiah Gharana, he was trained in music by his father, Pt. Rajkishore Mishra. Arun Kumar Mishra’s music is characterized by stylistic and methodical raga alap, variety in layakari and tihai, integrity of raga, and presentation of Dhrupad composition as handed down in his lineage. His traditional repertoire includes Dhrupad compositions in Gaudhar and Khandar Banis, as well as Khyal and Tappa from the Bettiah tradition.

Arun Kumar Mishra’s music has been featured in music festivals organized by the Sangit Natak Akademi, Delhi, Sangit Natak Akademi, Patna and the Ustad Allauddin Khan Sangit and Kala Academy, Bhopal. His performances have been well received in Dhrupad festivals all over the country.

Arun Kumar Mishra
Patel Path, Church Road
P. O. Ramna
Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Pin. No. 842002