As one of the foremost representatives of a musical heritage unprecedented in India and the torch bearer of the younger generation of the ImdadKhani Etawa Gharana, Irshad Khan is internationally recognized as one of the greatest sitar players and as the leading Surbhar exponent of his generation. Irshad Khan's individual stamp in both these instruments ascends from the distinctiveness of his technique and mental prowess. His style is followed and inspired by many formative and professional sitar players of his generation. His dedication to the subtleties of the raga, in bringing out its essence in rendering its pure form of feelings and expressions. His phenomenal control of the intricate "Gayaki-Ang" (vocal) and "Tantra-Ang" (instrumental) styles makes Irshad Khan one of the most dynamic musicians of today.

Being recognized as a child prodigy, today he has emerged, to be among the most sought after and versatile Indian musicians of India. He has achieved unparalleled mastery over Sitar-Surbahar technique and in different genres of Indian music such as Dhrupad, Khyal, Tappa and Thumree. Whether he is performing pure classical, folk or worldbeat/newage, audiences are stunned by his supreme virtuosity and musicality. This remarkable versatility allows Irshad Khan to transcend cultural barriers and turn each performance into a spellbinding and unforgettable experience for audience every where.

Irshad Khan is the son and disciple of Ustad Imrat Khan and nephew of Ustad Vilayat Khan. His family represents the most respected Gharana (musical heritage) known as the Imdadkhani Gharana, of Sitar and Surbahar players in the world. Dating back over four hundred years, Irshad's ancestors had been among the best musicians and leading sitar players of India and are credited for the introduction of the Gayaki -Ang, vocal style on the sitar. His family has been paramount in the evolution of the sitar into its present form as well as in the creation of the Surbahar, which was invented by Irshad's great-great grandfather Ustad Sahebdad Khan.

Irshad Khan gave his first public performance at the age of seven. His international debut was at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England when he was only 13. At 18, he made history by becoming the youngest soloist to perform at one of the most prestigious international music festivals held in London, known as the Indian All night concert at the Proms Since then, through his performances and International press accolades and ground breaking albums, he has proved to be an outstanding world musician. He has given more than 2000 performances, over 30 nations in 5 continents.

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The Mozart of Indian Music.