Pt. KaivalyaKumar

Pt.KaivalyaKumar is the illustrious inheritor of a unique legacy of classical music. It is an inheritance that was granted by the legendary Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Saheb to Panditji’s grandfather- Pt. Ganpatrao Gurav, and then handed down to his father- Pt. Sangameshwar Gurav.

Panditji has not only conserved this divine legacy, he has nurtured it with his extraordinary musical prowess, and enhanced it with his deep study of the Omkar and the distinct style of music that he has developed.

He has been the youngest artist ever to be designated as All India Radio’s Top Grade Artist at the age of 35. With the honour of the title of “Pandit” bestowed upon him, Pt.KaivalyaKumar is indeed a luminary as bright as the others maestros of his Gharana.

Awards and Recognition: